Dear colleagues and fellow ski enthusiasts!

The 1st SPE BALKAN SKI Conference is about to take place!!

To date, more than 100 participants from 14 countries of the Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia) and others (the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania ...) have registered for the conference. We are expecting around 100 participants more from local ski schools in Serbia. We are very pleased with such great response from your side and we are confident that the first SPE BALKAN SKI Conference will fulfil all the goals that we have set for ourselves – to empower, advocate, develop and promote ski professions, as well as consider scientific and professional bases in theory and practice.

Beside the theoretical lectures and workshops, for which our guest lecturers will surely contribute a special added value, practical work on the slopes is very important for the full success of our meeting. Workshops, led by experts, members of demo teams from participating countries, will open up new insights on learning and teaching skiing.

For the success of the conference and its vision it is also important to develop a network of excellence by bringing together ski experts, i.e. ski instructors, coaches, scientists and other ski professionals from the Balkan region, and make their integration and networking possible. At the opening session we will be greeted and welcomed by a ski legend and one of the best skiers of all times in the Balkan region, Bojan Križaj, whilst our Bulgarian colleagues will present the Interski Pamporovo 2019 meeting. Mingling and setting up potential collaborations between ski teachers will play an important role also in the following days, culminating on Wednesday, 15 March with the Balkan Ski Demo Show when national demo teams of the participating countries and registered ski schools from the Balkan area will introduce themselves jointly as well as individually. We also look forward to attractive performances and gatherings, which will be accompanied by music and animation from local musicians and held late in the night. For more information please click on the link

In order to learn more about the performances we provide some basic guidance for the realisation of the proposed programme on the snow. 

Demo Show performance – Demo Teams from the participating countries and ski schools will take place as indicated in the following scheduled programme:

The programme will be carried as follows:

First EXIT:
All performers – introductory event. Honorary guest Bojan Križaj in front and all other participants in a narrow corridor behind him.

Second EXIT:
Introduction of national and other registered teams of ski schools performing at the show (example: 2 people will present one service, 2 another service .... – Each team will be composed of 3 to 5 performers. Each performer has to prepare a brief description of the performance, which will be explained by the team leader via the sound system on the field.)

Third EXIT:
Formations in a narrow corridor – combinations, changes, crossings, twisters etc.

Fourth EXIT:
Formations combining the wider and narrow corridor...

The exact arrangement of the final realisation of the programme will be agreed at the team leaders’ meeting on Sunday, 12 March 2017 at 21.00 at Angela Hotel at Kopaonik. The meeting will be co-ordinated by Tomaž Šegula. The exact venue of the meeting will be agreed at the reception desk of the SPE BALKAN SKI Conference at Angela Hotel.

We look forward to meeting and skiing with you soon!

Organizing Committee


The Scientific Board of 1st SPE Balkan Ski conference have decided to extend the deadline of abstract submission until Wednesday, 1st March 2017.

You can find all additional information about the conference on the following link For all further details we stay at your disposal.

We are looking forward to your submission.

Kind regards,
Organizing Committee


Dear colleagues and friends we would like to inform you that all rooms in Hotel "Angella" Kopaonik are sold out and now you can continue booking in the following hotels:


Hoping to see you soon,
Organizing Committee

We would like to inform you that all accepted abstract of SPE Balkan SKI Conference 2017 will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be distributed to all registered delegates. Author of selected papers in English will be invited to prepare full papers which will be blind reviewed and published in the following journals – Annales Kineziologiae - or Facta Universitatis, Physical Education and Sport - .

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
With great pleasure, we would like to invite you to the 1st Scientific Conference SPE BALKAN SKI from 12th - 16th March, 2017 at the Kopaonik Ski Resort, Serbia.


INTEGRITY – Based on values rather than personal gain.
FUN – Pleasure, enjoyment, creative culture and social actions.
BONDING AND NETWORKING – Bringing together experts with the same interests from the Balkan region.
PASSION – Enthusiasm for doing what we love.
TEAM – Confidently working within a group, accepting and learning from constructive criticism, collective pride.
EXCELLENCE – If you put quality in everything you do, the individual and the collective wins every day.

“Excellence is not an accomplishment. It is a spirit, a never-ending process.”
Lawrence M. Miller


Marco Narici, PhD, University of Nottingham, UK
Ron Kipp, Alpine Sport Education Manager at USSA, University of Utah, USA
Alberto Minetti, PhD, University of Milano, Italy

The honorary guest of SPE BALKAN SKI will be one of the best skiers from the Balkan area, Bojan Križaj (Slovenia).


Contemporary skiing − The new roll of ski instructors/trainers in winter sports and society.


Alpine Skiing - Teaching and Coaching – Methodics and Technique, Equipment, Didactic Tools, other…
Snowboarding - Teaching and Coaching – Methodics and Technique, Equipment, Didactic Tools, other…
Adaptive Skiing Sports - Teaching and Coaching – Methodics and Technique, Equipment, Didactic Tools, other…


Abstracts can be submitted until 15th February, 2017.
For more information about the submission of abstracts, please visit the symposium website:


Abstract submission deadline:
15th February 2017

Conference fee and accommodation deadline:
30th January 2017 (Room availability can not be guaranteed after this date)

Registration deadline:
28th February 2017


Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Nis

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education,
University of Nis
Ljubomir Pavlovic, Ph.D.


First SPE BALKAN SKI will be
organized in cooperation with

Serbian Ski Association, Ski Instructors
Association of Slovenia and Science and Research Centre, Koper, Slovenia.


Macedonian Ski Federation Instructors And Trainers Asociation in Bosnia and Herzegovina ATUS Montenegrin Association of Snowsport Instructors MASI