General Information - 1st Announcement

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

With great pleasure we invite you to join us at the 5th Scientific Conference SPE BALKAN SKI.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were forced to move the organization of the conference from Romania to Slovenia. Considering the agreed conditions and possibilities offered by SKI Center Rogla, we are sure that with new energy we will organize an even better and unforgettable event. Our motto is to make every congress better, update and advance in all aspects, according to the vision, mission, and goals of SPE Balkan SKI. And by developing a network of excellence that brings together ski experts - ski instructors, coaches, scientists, and other ski experts from all over the world - we want to share with you the beauty of Balkan ski resorts.

We are inviting you to participate in the SPE BALKAN SKI Conference that will be held on March 17th to 21st 2024 at Rogla Ski Center, Slovenia. After successfully organized former SPE BALKAN SKI Conferences is our immense pleasure to organize fifth Scientific Conference SPE BALKAN SKI at Slovenian mountain Rogla.

The fact that the Rogla conference planned for 2020 has been cancelled for the reasons given by COVID-19 gives us extra energy and determination to make this year's conference very special.


SPE - Science, Practice & Education - BALKAN SKI CONFERENCE is a merge of curiosity (science), will of terrain work (practice) and unselfish transfer of knowledge (education) for people who likes snowy mountains and the most beautiful sport in the world – alpine skiing and snowboarding.

After great experience we all head at the first and second SPE BALKAN SKI CONFERENCES where few hundred of ski teachers, trainers, professors and other experts in the field of alpine skiing and snowboarding witnessed an unforgettable story of cross talk between science, profession, practice and social events, we decided to offer you a step forward to reach and overbuild the SPE Balkan SKI Goals.

The SPE BALKAN SKI Conference is substantially and professionally supported by the IVSS – International Association Snowsports at Schools and Universities.


Ski Instructors Association of Slovenia (SITAS) & Science and Research Centre Koper (SRC), Slovenia On their behalf – Blaž Lešnik, PhD & Rado Pišot, PhD


Ljuba Pavlović, PhD, General secretary SPE BALKAN SKI


SPE BALKAN SKI Executive Board

Responsible for the administrative and corporate functions of the SPE BALKAN SKI Conferences:
Rado Pišot, PhD; SRC Koper, Slovenia
Ljubomir Pavlović, PhD; FSPE, University of Niš, Serbia
Blaž Lešnik, PhD; FS, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Damian Ambrožič; Rodeo Team, Slovenia


ATUS - Ski Instructor Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Association of Bulgarian Ski Instructors - Bulgarian Ski School
Macedonian Association of Snow Sport Instructors
M.A.S.I. - Montenegrin Association of Snowsport Instructors
Romanian Ski Instructor Association
San Marino Ski Association (S.I.A.S.)
Ski Association of Serbia
SITAS - Ski Instructors Association of Slovenia

We are looking forward to SKIING WITH YOU AGAIN. This time at the Rogla ski resort Slovenia, in March 2024! Please share this announcement with your colleagues who might be interested in attending the conference.

With kind regards,
Prof. Rado Pišot, PhD
On behalf of SPE BALKAN SKI Executive Board