Instructions for authors

Guidelines for Abstracts Submission


Abstract submission: by 7 February,2022
Confirmation of abstracts’ acceptance: by 14 February 2022
Registration of participants (active and passive): by 21 February 2022:
Payment of the participation fee for participants with confirmed abstract and passive participants: by 21. February 2022:
The beginning of the 4th SPE BALKAN SKI conference 13 March 2022

Authors of abstracts published in the e- book of proceedings for the canceled 3rd SPE Balkan Ski Conference are invited to present their work at the 4th SPE Balkan Ski Conference. Abstract will be published again together with new abstracts in the new Book of proceedings.
We would like to remind you that your work can be registered only once in your bibliography.

Abstracts may be scientific or professional and must be written in English.
All scientific and professional works in the abstract form (max. 450 words) will be published in on-line proceedings book. Abstracts must be written in English.
Abstracts should be sent to the where you have to name it: SPE CONFERENCE ABSTRACT_ Surname of the first author and should be sent until Friday, 7 February 2022.
Each author may publish alone or in co-authorship a maximum of two proofread abstracts. By submitting the manuscript, the author warrants for the authorship of the abstract and assumes full responsibility for errors in content and translation. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed before publication, if necessary; authors will be invited to make corrections or additions. Reviewers make the final decision about the type of abstracts and thematic area/section in which the abstract will be presented.
The conference e-proceedings will include abstracts of those authors who will settle the registration fee and will present their work at the conference.
Structure of scientific and professional abstract (USE THE TEMPLATE FORM in appendix)
The title of the paper must be written English, in capitals and should not exceed two lines.
Surname and name of the author (authors) of the paper, name of the institution (in lowercase), address and email address of each author and co-authors.
The abstract should be written in English and should not exceed 450 words, should be written in the first-person plural. Abstract should not include citations and should be consist of: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions. An empty line should be left between the end of the abstract and the list of key words.
Keywords should be listed with small capital letters, separated by commas. A list of 3 to 6 keywords should be provided, excluding words used in the title. Literature – Include only the key literature (up to 5).

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